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Phrase often said in reply to a statement found false or believed to be false.
"She thought that she looked cute with that top on? Blouse!"
by Missa20 September 04, 2012
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A really femmie gay guy who fancies himself as the top in man to man sex.
Check out the skinny guy with the waxed eyebrows and the cartoonish voice, my gay buddy says he thinks hes a top...what a blouse.
by EricInChi January 09, 2005
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In gay sex, a blouse is a nickname for a feminine, nelly queen who happens to be a top.
"You're such a queen, there's no way you could be a top," I beg to differ... I'm a blouse!
by Albolene November 13, 2013
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Prince's basketball team on "Chappelle's Show", featured in Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Story episode.
Charlie: Haha, it's the Shirts against the Blouses!
Prince: Moans
by El Chefe March 07, 2006
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BLICE=black ice. It is very sneaky and occurs in very cold areas.
"Watch out for that BLICE or you may slip and break your neck!"
by hookemhazey January 04, 2010
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1) the term of- That just fucking happed

2) the word can substitute for I win, shit is cash, Victory

3) Can also be used to describe a action or object replacing the over used words Cool, epic, awesome, amazing.
Example (1) "I just kicked his ass! Blouses !"

Example (2) "I just hit the Fucking Lottery! Blouses !"

Example (3) Guy #1 "Hey! How was the concert?" Guy#2 "That shit was Blouses "
by swislockseth November 04, 2010
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Blouse (n): a blunt

Blouse can refer to Game blunts specifically, or blunts in general. In homage to, and derived from, the victory of the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince, and his team, over Dave Chappelle's squad.
"Yo, you get the blouses?"
"Lets smoke a blouse"
by Hypnagogic21 July 02, 2016
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