Friend 1: Hey man, how was your date last night?
Friend 2: It was perfect, she let me Blot so hard
by RSteverino99 May 10, 2022
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A blot can be anything from a pair of knickers to a door knocker
Examples. You are a blot, have you seen my blot, wow look at her blot,blot
by Jdmtap June 30, 2019
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The act of throwing up after partying like a yiller.
"Did she just blot in her purse?"

by mac-yiller January 8, 2009
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London slang meaning; the act of selling drugs (sometimes referred to as 'shotting')
Man 1: "Safe man, you blotting out here?"

Man 2: "Yeah blud, I got *weed/MDMA/cocaine"

At which point the exchange of money and drugs occurs and the transaction is complete
by marsh93 September 18, 2013
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Doing something extremely fun and not speaking about it after
Jesus- Hey James want to go blotting?
James- Whats blotting?
Jesus- Cant tell you but its funnier than sky high!
James- Christ that sounds fun, lets go!
by jesuschirstthemessiah November 29, 2010
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From the Plan B song 'Where ya from'. The implied definition is that to "blot weed" is to smoke it. Derived from East London slang - namely Leytonstone.

Possibly in use at Tom Hood comprehensive school. In 2004 just 29% of the pupils attained 5 A - C grades at GCSE.
Plan B (Ben)'s account of his walk to work:

I'm walking down the street, past the coppers on the beat
Past the shotters blotting weed
Clear for everyone to see, but no-one gives a D,
'Cause this is everyday life.
by Homeski June 15, 2009
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the process of getting blotto (being fuckin smashed due to intoxication)
"are you going out tonight brah?"
"yeah, we're going blotting up smithys first, you coming?"
"yes bro, i love blotting in smithys, belinda loves me see"
"umm...ok...see u there"
by hasshole November 16, 2009
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