A bong using blood as the filtration material.
I bet Dracula was a huge stoner. I'm sure he smoked blongs all the time.
by Kirtanerlol August 14, 2008
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The action of blogging while getting high from a bong.
dude!! blonging fucked me over so bad last night..i wrote such fucked up shit on the internet
by KerenSmith January 24, 2011
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When you're in a vrey tough situation in war or a game and you have a sniper, you pop out of the side, scope quickly and either a bodyshot or headshot doesn't matter. Pronunciation:(bl-AH-ng)
Guy1:Shoot him! Shoot him!!!
Guy2:*sneaks past building* BLONG!!!! HEADSHOT!
by BD crew July 10, 2008
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1. adjective. A hybrid word combining 'big' and 'long' used to describe a person who is big but has an aversion to being described as such.
2. adjective. Used to describe a curly haired lady with very long legs.
That medical student is awfully blong
by Blong's Friend November 02, 2011
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wordBling bling/word worn by suburban white kids.
Dag yo, check out the bling blong on that lacrosse player.
by Space Monkey June 01, 2003
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Bling Bling Worn By White Suburban Kids Or Milkshakes Endorsing Boost Mobile
Frylock: What're you wearing?
Master Shake: Bling blong baby. It represents my lifestyle and stratus as street-savvy irreverant youth who lives large, yet hunger for the next level in life. You know, Boost Mobile is the premium yoth foocus communication network and instant gateway to opportunities. That's the chirp! I gotta take this. Hey, where you at dawg?!
by Rudy90745 May 15, 2008
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When someone hits a bong filled with a woman's period.
"Blong Rippin' is fucking gross and should never be done."
by SMOKEMADBLUNTSYOO January 12, 2009
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