A topic that, when blogged about, generates a large number of comments.
"Anna Nicole Smith is a proven blog fluffer."
by tap tap tap August 10, 2007
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Often shortened to "blodder." Material scavenged for use in a blog, especially ready made visuals, writing or data that can easily be dumped right into a posting; also derogatorily applied to canned, corporate, or prefabricated information specially designed for such use
Jeannie! Check the WAPO news feed, girl -- got some killer blog fodder for you!
I'm all bleary eyed from trawling the web for blodder all night
That article on the anatomy of testicles is perfect blog fodder for my "How Men Think" blog
Big Pharma p.r. churns out mucho blodder for the unsuspecting to re-post
by Creed Cur June 2, 2021
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A hilarious youtube show featuring Sasha- a character 'blogging' to the world, Alex- a.k.a 'tennis freakshow' who is sashas best friend, Mom- sashas hilariously cool mother , Jamelio- the hawt brother.
In blog frog, sasha tells the world about her 'rate me hot or not' website.
hIlarious show! MUST WATCH
" did you catch the latest episode of blog frog?"
" wow blog frog sure is the best thing i have EVER seen"
by blogfrog July 15, 2008
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A. When you allow your blog, multiple blogs, or commenting on blogs to keep you from interacting with reality.
B. When you are behind on posting on your blog and you have multiple things to blog about.
. Eddo was so blogged-down yesterday that he totally missed two meetings and a conference call.

2. Ugh. I am so blogged-down right now that I don't have time to go to my meetings or to handle this conference call.

3. "I have eight things to post about on my blog and no time to post them, I am SO BLOGGED-DOWN! LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME BLOG!!!!"
by Cav June 30, 2005
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A blogger is a human who is to lazy to get off there asses and get a stable REAL job. Blogging is absolutely idiotic and a waste of time for both parties involved
Fanboy: Have you seen Jake Paul’s Blogging lately?
Everyone Else: Nah I have a job and don’t have time to watch lazy over privileges get paid for absolutely nothing
In addition, Blogging Vlogging whatever y’all call it is going to be a downfall of this generation and society
by B15d1ckBoI April 6, 2019
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When someone annoying constantly says everything that they are doing, especially when playing a game.
My cousin would not stop blogging
by m% August 14, 2018
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Another FAA Compliant method for saying to clear comms.

Follows in the trend of "no one cares" and "write a book".
"Okay, you are to be QUIET because I was just in a 747 and turned into a 737"

"Blog it."
by RussianWithAPassion March 21, 2022
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