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A long haired child who has sufferd from beatings and has extremely big calfs, gets a "sucky sucky" from a dirty old school teacher who knows his life background and denys that he is gay. the child may also have a partner called roxanne who he met in spain ????? ---------BOLLOCKS. this is not true. as parents you may find the silly little cunt will be lying for more effection and tender loving care. the child has a tendansy to be given a blow job by an old woman with a very dry fanny and false teeth. mmmmmmmm. the child gets a huge irrection when micheal carrick is within a 300 mile radius of his bell end. he can shoot for england, no he is not good at football, this occurs when an old women is tossing him off and he explodes in her mouth. tennis rackets may be seen half way up his anus for excitement whilst watching a wimbledon 3rd round qualifier. the child could fuck puma if it was a fanny, even though it is not , you may find him poking his own puma bag !!!
Blodger aka Daniel Shearing aka dodge
by Jerry hu October 08, 2007
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