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Ahhh, the retched iphone Boot loop of Death, this is a common occurrence for iphone 6 users as myself, i came here to write this because i am very sad, can we hit 2 likes?
Me: My iphone is having a BloD rn ind i cri
You: ha loser, imagine having an iphone 6
Me: yea but its sorta dead
You: Fuckin Looser
Me: Ok ima go dig out my iphone 5c
You: why is this random so fucking weird
by gnhfvaebvew,ybaew September 7, 2020
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the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.
Shrek: i am the one and only SHREK

you: thats enough internet for the day 0_o
by gnhfvaebvew,ybaew November 1, 2019
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