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Blind bootying is often used by niggas and their homies that pretend they are blind to check a thots booty out.

This technique can be mastered by snapping on some slick shades to cover your perfectly normal eyes (unlike my homie fetty wap), then walk around pretending to be blind but just be staring at the targets booty. Once the glasses trickerino is mastered you can perform a risky maneuver by stretching your arms in front of you and walking towards the targets fat chocolate booty. When you are close enough to the thot reach for her booty followed by "Sorry, I'm legally blind".
Fetty wap: 'Yo nigga put on some shades and lets go blind bootying those bitches over there looking bad af'
You: 'Ayy lmaonaize I can just imagine my cock deep in her cakes'

*5 minutes later*

Bad bitch: 'Hey stupid ass nigga why you touching my ass? Pussy ass bitch touch deez nutz!'
You: 'My bad ma'am I'm legally blind see my shades are blind peoples glasses.'
Bad bitch: 'My bad honey, have a good day.'
You: 'Lets fuck.'
by trey the official meme October 03, 2015
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