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A term used to describe something darker than black.
(originates from the streets of West London)
Example 1:
friend 1: oi mate you know that new guy in the club
friend 2: what about him?
friend 1: he bare blik, he so blik he camouflages in the shadows.

Example 2:
'oi man when i was out at night i couldn't see at all it was fucking blik!'
by Mkaywest December 05, 2007
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An odd coincidence that is extra out of the ordinary. An occurrence that would probably happen only once in someone's lifetime.
Person 1: I haven't heard that song in forever!
*Turns on radio, and the song is playing*
Person 2: OMG, that's a blik!

Storyteller: Someone called asking for my girlfriend Sarah when she was at my house, and they wanted to know how to work the Wii on the TV. Turns out they had the wrong number, but what a coincidence that they called for a "Sarah" when she was hanging out at my house, and that they had the same Wii and TV set up!
Everyone else: That's a blik!
by laurjulia February 07, 2010
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A person's absolute belief in something that would not be changed even with evidence for the contrary.
*after any solid argument against the existence of God*
Religious person: God works in mysterious ways.
Sane person: fuck you and your blik.

credit R.M. Hare
by twojonem June 06, 2015
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Blik can be used as a term to describe someone on a chat-channel that constantly irritates people and ignores the etiquette of talk-channels for personal and non-relative purpose. They continue this for weeks at a time, causing others to do the same to the point they are well known for only causing such trouble. This term is best used on World of Warcraft, Scarlet Crusade server.
annoying person: "lik zomg i ding!1!!1"
Annoyed Person: Stop Blik'ing the trade channel!
by Drinlinda October 02, 2006
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