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A person whose head keeps spinning in confusion, until all his thoughts turn to mush.
With all the stuff thats been happening Johnny has turned into such a blenderhead.
by Rizzen April 21, 2008
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The unsung innovators of post-punk.
Furthermore, the most tragically underrated band of all time.
...but I will never forget them.
Prime Candidate For Burnout, Blenderhead's debut album on Tooth & Nail Records, set the postpunk bar so high that everyone pretended it didn't exist so's they wouldn't have to try so hard to measure up to such exospherically lofty standards.
by Plangent-Wormgears June 19, 2009
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Somebody who uses Blender alot, and can do everything quick and great looking.

Shadowdragon is a blenderhead
by CheapAlert April 28, 2004
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