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A number between 5 and 6 (according to the official Bleen homepage, which I have never seen).
So, is bleen higher or lower than 5.5?
by Brian M September 8, 2003
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A number between 5 and 6 and 7.
That dude has bleen computers in his office.
by Brian M September 8, 2003
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The use of cutting edge video production equipment to overly enhance an otherwise low grade television program, using complicated video effects and graphics.
We had to add some bleen to that news segment about the cat stuck in a tree.
by The Big K June 27, 2005
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A term coined in conjunction with the term "grue" by Nelson Goodman to illustrate the problem of induction.

In this context, bleen means "blue if observed before a time t, and green if observed after," whereas grue is the other way around.
You cannot prove inductively that all sapphires are blue; you can only say that they are bleen.
by Jazzercise February 17, 2009
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1) (Noun) A color made by mixing blue and green but has more of a blueish tint to it.

2) (Verb) Hold your finger behind someone's head so as to poke them when they lean backward.
1) That's a bleen coat.

2) Phil: Ouch! You poked me in the back of the head!
Clyde: Ha! I bleened you!
by MpegEVIL May 1, 2011
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