6 definitions by Brian M

Frell: The Scapespeak equivalent of another popular F-word. Undoubtedly the most popular of the Farscape swear words and the word most likely to get odd looks from the avid Scaper's co-workers when he/she stubs a toe on the filing cabinet. According to Farscape: The Illustrated Companion, frell is a Sebacean word. Variations include frelled, frelling, frellnik, and frelljek.

What the frell?!
Your out of your frelling mind.
by Brian M October 8, 2003
1.a person who thinks they hott but they a pretender.
by Brian M November 19, 2003
A number between 5 and 6 (according to the official Bleen homepage, which I have never seen).
So, is bleen higher or lower than 5.5?
by Brian M September 8, 2003
A number between 5 and 6 and 7.
That dude has bleen computers in his office.
by Brian M September 8, 2003
A cola-flavored soft drink originating about 10 years after Coca-Cola. It seems to have more of a burning taste than Coke, but Coke has a denser flavor and consistancy, if you ask me. I personally like Pepsi a little bit more than Coke, but I love them both. Pepsi is also the name of the manufacturer of Pepsi-Cola.
Aquafina is developed by Pepsi.
I will have a medium Pepsi, thanks.
by Brian M January 4, 2004
The task at hand isn't going to be easy to accomplish. On super Monkey Ball 2, the difficulty of each puzzle is rated on a 1-10 Banana scale with One Banana being the easist and Ten Bananas being a complete pain in the ass, and damn near impossible.
Bill: My teacher wants a 40 page paper for tomorrow morning and I haven't started it yet!

Phil: That ain't no two bananas!
by Brian M August 24, 2004