1. The expulsion or exclamation mentioned during a bout of general irritation. Blargh has roots in two similar "anger words", blah and argh. It is sometimes referred to as a fusion of "blah" and "argh".
2. A referral to something, usually an indiscriminate object or term. To say something is merely "random blargh" indicates that the preceding information was useless drivel.
1. "Oh, blargh! I forgot to do my homework yesterday!"

"Blargh it. Everyone's mad at me."

2. "What you just said was a load of blargh."
by GoldenKirbichu May 17, 2006
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Two words - Howard Dean. That should be self-explanitory
by NowhereMan March 28, 2005
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a thematic blog where the writer emits quantums of negative energies by recounting periods of intense suffering, anger, and dissapointment.
I was motivated to join the army due to the events on september eleventh. Trained to be a medic, I now find myself in Iraq as a full time.... JANITOR? FOR WHAT REASON AGAIN? WTF? I'm not just writing a blog here, I'm writing a certified genuine goddamn BLARGH!!
by Zuganruft March 24, 2004
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blargh is everything or nothing,
infinity and/or negitive infinity,
blargh has the power to creat maintain, destroy and re-creat in a never ending cycle

other texts of blargh: b to the largh to the frizzy argh; blargh in a hat, and blargherino
blargh u and blargh the horse u rode in on!!!
u blarghing piece of blargh!!
im gonna blargh u so hard ull blargh thru ur ears!!
(or randomly just say blargh as an act of confusion) billy whats 9+3? umm..BLARGH!
by philippe page and tim proser August 11, 2004
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anything or everything, usually for when things are unfair or when your mad...
BLARGH!!! Thats blarghed out, g.
by bren.knee. April 25, 2003
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A word native to most barbarian's vocabluary, actually originating from the word charge. Due to many ancient warrior's lack of teeth due to many battles and bad oral hygene, it began to come out as "BLLLAAARRRRGHH!!!!" The new battle cry struck fear into the hearts of fows and stuck.
"Your mother is a wench"


"Ack, my kidney!"
by John Wells November 22, 2004
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The sound a platypus makes when it is stepped on or smooshed in some other unpleasant way.
S: Blargh
Z: Who Stepped on you?
S: A boot.
by flagellagirl March 08, 2009
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