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Originating from the word "owned", the word later took on the 1337 variation 0wn3d. Because this was primarily used as a cry of victory or supremacy in first person shooter games online, typos occured, the most common involved missing the "o" key and hitting the "p" key. This stuck, leaving us with the words pwn, pwn4g3, and pwn3d
Dude, 3 head shots in a row, you just got pwn3d.
by John Wells November 22, 2004
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First level Barbarian special ability in 3rd ed and 3.5 D&D Gives +4 to Strength and Constitution for a duration equal to 3 + the new constitution modifier.
DM: Thorg, it's your turn, what do you do?

Thorg: I rage, I charge, and I full point power attack
by John Wells November 29, 2004
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A word native to most barbarian's vocabluary, actually originating from the word charge. Due to many ancient warrior's lack of teeth due to many battles and bad oral hygene, it began to come out as "BLLLAAARRRRGHH!!!!" The new battle cry struck fear into the hearts of fows and stuck.
"Your mother is a wench"


"Ack, my kidney!"
by John Wells November 22, 2004
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