5 definitions by ThePriest69420

To saint a bitch and become “sainted” is to fuck a bitch twice, and to ghost her immediately after. Becoming sainted.
Yo how are you and Sarah? ... Sarah? I “sainted” that bitch.
by ThePriest69420 July 5, 2020
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A blare is a flare within a bong. When the bottom sparks and you completely rip.
Yo I just hopped on the bong and completely blared it. I’m as high as the galaxies.
by ThePriest69420 October 23, 2020
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Two bros who have fucked the same girl in the same bed. To acquire this level is to become bedskimo bros.
“Yo just got done fucking Sarah over in the motel 6.” “What room?” “256...” “No fucking way bro! We’re bedskimo bros
by ThePriest69420 October 24, 2020
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The act of popping both balls in your mouth like a squirrel and continuing to jack the shaft faster than a rock wall climber.
Brooo, she squirrel climbed me last night... I might marry this bitch.
by ThePriest69420 September 11, 2020
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When the shit that is spewed out of ones mouth is so prolific and or sac religious That even Jesus himself has to pick up a stone.
That bitch said she got a train ran on her by the priests at confession. That bitch need The Holy Stoney.
by ThePriest69420 October 22, 2020
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