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(verb) to blapps, to push the lips of a friend or adversary down until they spring back up and make a clapping sound. This should only be done while quoting the lyrics of a famous song with a key word changed to 'blapps'
Hey Dave... 'Blapps life'. Or, oi john... 'blapps is in the air..' (shuddder)
by Wes Gleeson December 26, 2005
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another word for brap....or like yay and it definately dosnt mean when your dick is smashing into a girls face goin blap......that guy who put that as adefinition is a retarded faggot
faggot who said brap is dick smashing:im gay and retarded!!
johnny: BLAPP i knew it :O ewww

wow wat a stupid example i just put....o well
by white_boy_who_likes_rap December 03, 2006
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An alternativ to getting someone like trying to beat them up, fght them etc.
"That kid really pissed me off, i will have to blapp him."
by Mikeeeee Bwoi April 26, 2007
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A nickname for blizzard + app, after Blizzard changed their app from app.
Hey did you hear Destiny 2 is going to be available on blapp?
by FallenDemise May 23, 2017
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The loud wet sound of super-sonic projectiles striking a fluid filled target, typically the head or chest of an adversary. It originally came to brief popularity in Quake and Half-Life text chat when describing what had just happened to your opponent.
Did you see that llamas head go? SPAS-12 was like BOOM, BLAPP! Turned him into giblets.
by BlaPp the Llama May 22, 2018
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