A word used by government leaders to instill fear and justify atrocities in an effort to control the populace into voting them back into office time and time again. It is also used to justify trillions of dollars wasted on a war that should have never happened in the first place. A word that makes me angrier every time I hear it from these elected losers.
"Talking about withdrawing from Iraq will only serve to embolden our enemies."

We, the people should be emboldened enough to vote these clowns out of Washington, send them to Iraq, and let THEM fight this war they started.
by gadjitfreek April 6, 2008
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A word President George W. Bush and the media use to describe how congress encourages terrorists by not funding a futile war on Islamic Extremists.
I also understand that if the country - if the experience were to fail, radicals would be emboldened, people that had been - that can't stand America would find, you know, new ways to recruit, there would be, potentially, additional resources for them to use at their disposal. - President George W. Bush
by my name is jimi April 3, 2007
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