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imaginary location, where neocon fantasy has created an african-islamic-terrorist trifecta that can be used to justify patriot act III
(from state of the union address 2005)

"that's why I sent our marines over to blackistan, to find osama bling ladin and bring him to justice."

(wild applause)
by MPG May 04, 2004
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See Detroit, Washington DC, New Orleans, Philly, Harlem or Gary.
Yo, we gots to go over to Blackistan to pick up some bud, yo.
by Schwarzkrieg February 11, 2005
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A catch-all term for any Arabic country in Africa. Tunisia, Egypt, Somalia, Djibouti, Chad, Libya, Algeria, and Chad can all be described as 'Blackistan'
Acil El-Hassen is from Blackistan.
by Glen Robertson December 21, 2006
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Every city in sub-Saharan Africa, every city in the Caribbean, every city in Brazil, Most cities in the US, in particular Detroit, Philadelphia, Formerly Los Angeles but no longer mainly due to Mexicans, New Orleans, (pronounced 'Nawlins'), Dallas, Most of Brooklyn and the Bronx , saint louis, Washington dc, Oakland, Gary, and Camden.

As of 2010, several cities in "Europe" are now Blackistans, namely London, Almost every city in "France", Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Rome, Antwerp, Dublin (almost), Stockholm, Malmo and soon to be Blackistans include Helsinki, Patras, Berlin and Vienna.

Though none exist currently, Blackistans are beginning to emerge in East Asia, the biggest example being Guangzhou in China.
Would-be Traveler: I always wanted to go to several European cities...
Experienced Traveler: You mean Blackistani cities?
by AmbassadorFromTheFuture February 06, 2011
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