The act of a person of another race speaking with an accent they believe blacks speak with.
The way Justin Timberlake speaks when he’s not on “Punked

See also Christina Aguilera and Pink
by Laz January 29, 2004
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an ghetto accent that most black people from the "hood" have
i developed a blackcent after being in the hood so long
by snoopyT May 29, 2019
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Ebonics;The tongue that white boys use when attempting to pass off as africans.
eminem...thats it...just eminem.
by 2MDUB January 1, 2004
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It is when a white person developes a black persons 'accent'. hence: blackcent
white person 1: hello Bob.
white person 2: holla'
white person 1: What are you doing tonight?
white person 2: going to da crib to watch some televizzle with my shorty.
by misty January 25, 2004
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white people that talk like black people, who say such as for shizzle my home boy or something like that
Justin Timberlake has a blackcent
by matty man February 7, 2004
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An accent which suggests that a person is either black, identifies as being black, or aspires to be identified as black. It is a distinctive manner of pronunciation independent of geographical area. A person who speaks with a blackcent is not necessarily black. All people who are black do not speak with a blackcent.

The acknowledgement of a blackcent is not intended to be racist, simply an observation of the evolution of the linguistics of american english. It's all good people!
by charmgirl September 6, 2009
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The accent a white person has when talking to black people, when they hang out with black people often.
Justin Timberlake has a blackcent.
by joe725 February 19, 2008
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