4 definitions by kesha westbrook

a girl/woman who lies and tells people her family runs a crime family lookups mafioso in prison to write hoping to pull one in is on every mafia website watches every mafia movie but you know she is lying because she cant even keep her lies straight she also uses her lies to get respect
girl1:what does your family do again
emptydress: my dad is a mafia don when he died i took over
girl2:youre lying you told me your dad was a solider
emptydress:i meant to say don look our family up on the net
girl2:already did nothing comes up youre just a empty dress
by kesha westbrook March 3, 2007
a young attractive girl who is into prisoners sends them dirty pictures and dirty letters
prisoner1:i lucked up i got me a prison house playmate
prisoner2:i wish i could meet 1 how old is she
prisoner1:19 fresh meat
by kesha westbrook March 3, 2007
the best kind of women out there color to us hot with the body and the booty are mean and love our men but still hot and if a man messes over us we kick his ass women dont step to us unless they want to get knocked down can be a lady but will beat some ass if needed can dance can sing and cook and do hair and dont piss us off cause well have to get ghetto on you and you dont want that dont ever make 1 take off her earrings and dont approach us looking like a bum cause your feelings will be hurt
did you see that fine ass black chick with the fat ass over there let me holla at her hey baby black chick:nigga who you calling baby i dont know your raggedy ass get some gear a car and a job and your game straight
by kesha westbrook March 3, 2007
another version of an uncle tom but a black who sucks up to italians wants to be mafioso will be treated like crap just to be around them
that spaghettinig just wont leave me alone i told him i dont deal with blacks and he's still trying to hang around me
by kesha westbrook March 3, 2007