A bitchy attitude. A Smart-ass personality. Grumpy. Non gender specific.
"I don't care what side of the bed you woke up on, don't give me any of your bitchitude."
by JMichael November 7, 2006
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a noun.

a combination of the word "bitching" and "attitude"!

used when someone or something is annoying and giving you attitude at the same time.
a guy: "I know a couple of people who want to see this movie too!"
a girl: "well...then go with them!"
a guy: "stop giving me a BITCHITUDE!"
by dontdothattwice June 2, 2009
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A proven theory that implies the fact that all women enjoy the attention that her "lover" gives her, but pretends to not notice in order for said lover to give even more attention to her. Upon this, the "lover" begins to lose interest in her, thinking that she really doesn't care for him, and starts to ignore her. Finally, the woman becomes upset from the lack of attention and desperately seek their lovers attention by any means necisarry.
After said woman becomes desperate, she finally decides to acknowlege her lovers attention and then this cycle starts to repeat itself. The Theory of Reluctant Bitchitude is a proven theory of everyday life.
by Xero _ Manifest January 13, 2011
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A person who has a bitchy attitude. This can include: constant complaining, bitching, rudeness, jealousy, conceitedness, nitpicking, to full on arguing.

It is also a quality seen in women who think they're all that. If they don't think you measure up they will belittle you, bully you, or spread rumors about you in order to hurt your reputation while making themselves seem cool. They're very self-centered and shallow individuals and expect others to treat them like a queen. Women displaying bitchitude are quite ugly on the inside.
Lastly, these type of people can easily put those around them into a bad mood, cause problems between people, and drive space between their relationships.
The best way to keep your spirits up is to stay away from people with bitchitude.

That chick always has bitchitude.

What's up with your constant bitchitude.

If you don't drop that bitchitude of yours, you're going to lose a lot of friends.

My boyfriend is just like a woman. His bitchitude is a real turn off.
by mondon April 30, 2018
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a behavior demonstrative of a poor attitude. queasy seeming nonsense: manipulation, lies, sadism, and greed.
"he decline in fall of the western world is due to bitchitude."
by dickweed9000 October 23, 2020
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