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An unattached female who is usually this way by choice. She does not necessarily adhere to convention by way of cuisine, childrearing, lifestyle or family values. She usually sets her own standards in these areas.
That little boy's mom is such a bitchelor. She provides him with academic, artistic and athletic enrichment, but he also gets to eat fish sticks and ice cream for breakfast if she feels like letting him.
by Cydne Washington March 06, 2008
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some who is constantly being dumped or de-friended because she wont let things drop, constantly insulting people, the bitchelor can also be or become a wagaboo. the bitchelor is the most likely out of all people to get in to trouble or start fueds that need not have started i would stay away from a bitchelor at all costs. the bitchelor is jealous, insecure and has to know everything about everyone and poke there nose in were it is not wanted or needed.
omg i had some bitchelor call me up last night giving me shit about something they know nothing about.
by lovelillypad March 11, 2011
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