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The Queen of Spades in the card game Hearts. So named because it is the highest valued card (13 points) in a game where you are aiming for the lowest possible score.
Michele threw out the fucking bitch queen on the second trick.
by Miggle August 28, 2006
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n. one who snipes fellow smashers in super smash bros brawl. He/she is known as a clearly defined bitch who plays very cheaply, doing blind shots and various other cheap moves in order to win at any cost. They make it their life's goal to bitch others out.
Stop being such a bitch you massive bitch queen! Stop being such a bitch queen that was such a cheap shot!
by The King Smasher September 27, 2008
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In World of Warcraft, a nickname for Lich King hardmode, or, for some fail guilds, Lich king normal mode.
Raider: We got pretty far in ICC25 last night.
Raid Leader: We are doing Bitch Queen tonight.
Raider: Really, sweet :DDD.
by McAwesomePants:D June 15, 2010
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