The ignore button that gets pushed by your angry ex when you are blowing up their phone realizing how damn stupid and CLUELESS you really are when you try to holler at her friends,don't be a jackass!
Andy:Is that CLUELESS bastard still blowin up your phone?
Khristina:Uh,definitely,I'm so pushing the bitch button
Andy:hells yeah,that's what his dumbass gets
by Ya Boy Trax July 11, 2010
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When you make a girl really mad and she makes your life a living hell

Particularly easy to when with spouses, siblings, and co-workers/ classmates

similar to a bro button.
Dude I accidentally pressed my sisters bitch button last night.
Oh, That sucks man good luck with that so I'm going to stay away from you for a while.
by Bad@$$MF May 22, 2016
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