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(verb). to log onto a friends social networking profile, usually when they are afk, and make status updates and/or upload photos of them in various biscuitesque situations.
Whenever Jess leaves the office without logging off her facebook, Ty commences in the act of biscuiting by throwing up crazy pictures on her wall of her with biscuits or writing a biscuit poem on her wall, or something of that sort.
by ggjjtt April 28, 2010
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OR to make biscuits... the action of kneading that a cat does right before she lays down for a nap or when she is trying get comfortable
James-John: ow! your damn cat is BISCUITING on my leg
Jessica: but when she MAKES BISCUITS on you, it just means she wants to cuddle.
by Jessica Hogue November 10, 2007
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The act of seeking out and consuming whole packets of biscuits from a late night news agent or 24 hour petrol station after a night/evening out.

After a night of pubs, clubs and gigs, one might find themselves craving hobnobs, or chocolate digestive biscuits, or chocolate caramel digestive biscuits in the early hours of the morning, often on the journey home. Biscuiting participants will usually be traveling on foot, but may find a willing driver to complete the mission. note - The verb is 'To go biscuiting', not 'To biscuit'
After making it home from London to Brighton, the boys went biscuiting in the nearest available 24 hour petrol station, hoping to satisfy the post gig hunger with a packet of Rich Teas, and fuel the remaining journey home.

by Captain Mischief November 08, 2007
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When two people are having sex they both put their ass cheeks (biscuits) together and put a dildo in both of their assholes while they force it in and out of eachothers asshole.
Jane and Diane were biscuiting so much they couldn't sit down for a week.
by Hhhhh12345678910 August 05, 2016
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