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1. (vi) Using leading edge technology that could only be characterized as science fiction as little as 20 years ago, and hundreds of dollars of sophisticated personal computing equipment leveraging high frequency radio signals and electrons whizzing around the world at nearly the speed of light, for the sole purpose of performing a completely mundane task.

2. (vi) Completely reversing the "internet revolution", whose core tenets are interactivity and personal choice, by using it to watch video feeds off someone else's playlist.

3. (vt) Watching something done on YouTube instead of actually doing it for real.
1A. I went intertubing the other day when my friend called me from her vacation so that I could use a public web cam to take pictures of her in front of some tourist trap because she didn't have her camera with her.

1B. I was really intertubing when I sat by the pool watching my laptop stream a feed from my TiVo, which records shows that it gets from my satellite dish, just so I could watch re-runs of "I Love Lucy". But the smile on my face: Priceless.

2. I was so bored the other day..... I pulled up and just intertubed all day.

3. I caught my room mate intertubing the other day, as he watched videos of someone playing his new video game instead of getting off his fat lazy ass and actually playing it himself. I thought to myself: "isn't playing videogames all day considered lazy to begin with? What happens when you're too damn lazy to even do that?? is that like lazy squared?"
by MushiMushi June 04, 2009
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When surfing the internet website known as YouTube for timewasting videos.
The following is an instant message conversation:

MCsuCkA: Whats up?
jsmith: At work... InterTubing.
MCsuCkA: Nice. YouTube is the best.
jsmith: You said it Mr.
by Dr[Shaun] June 11, 2007
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