In Mexico, birria is a typical dish made of goat broth. As slang "birria" is an adjective applied to both ungraceful or grotesque things and people.
"That movie is a birria" (The movie is really bad)
"Your girlfriend is a birria" (The girl is ugly and below the commenter's expectations)
by Zelinda Zelig October 1, 2007
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(n.) the extreme practice at a fine skill under technological influence, such as video gaming. It usually encompasses procrastination and dulling of the brain. WARNING - Side effects include stupidity, bad grades, and the overuse of "L337" (online communications - the so-called "elite") language.
- "Leave the birria behind and go sleep, damn it!"
"No, I wanna sse Santa falling down the chimney, mommy! I'll stay with the birria for now..."

- "Today I'm feeling a little slow... 16 hours of birria left my brain cells commiting hara-kiri."

- "Hey, Gianluca, stop the birria and come to class!"
- "0.o... Soz t33cher, I wuz l00t1ng d t0wn... and pwn1ng n00bxors."
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