it means you hit some one with a bird (pigeon,turkey e.c)
black guy:get BIRD FUCKED
noob:words can hurt you now :(
by fuck cock bird January 7, 2017
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a more funny and inpolite way to say bird shit
dammit i just washed my windshield and now there is bird fuck on it
by nicest terrorist December 24, 2008
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when, while hunting, you kill a particularly fine looking bird and decide to engage in intercourse with it, this is called a bird-fuck bird-cunt if and only if the birds cunt is stretched and torn when you are done.
That was a pretty sweet bird-fuck bird-cunt back there, eh skipper?
Skipper is a dog.
by Jimmy "the vagoo" Johnson March 31, 2010
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During sex with a girl, vomit in her mouth, and then have her suck your penis.
I was feeling kinda sick last night so i puked in her mouth and gave her the mother bird fuck.
by ghetto booty June 17, 2006
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Commonly used in the Philadelphia and South Jersey as antonym of 'Go Birds' to describe both the negatives of everyday life and the Philadelphia Eagles. Most effectively used when shouted at a
"Sorry your mother passed. Fucking birds, huh?"

"Fucking Birds- run the ball!"

" How about them Fucking Birds last night."
by Homerisadope October 3, 2020
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Someone very insecure in their sexuality and also a retard.
e.g. Man 1 to Man 2:

"Hey have you seen that kid Man 3 from highschool? He's become a total fuck bird over the last few years."
by stefolt June 20, 2018
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