Chinese word for "ice cream".

written as: 冰淇淋 (Bīngqílín)
This phrase was popularised among internet users, when John Cena, a professional wrestler,and actor spoke chinese to promote his upcoming movie amongst chinese people.
Zǎo ān, zhōngguó.
Xiànzài wǒ yǒu bīngqílín (bing chilling).
Wǒ fēicháng xǐhuān bīngqílín,
nshì “sùdù yǔ jīqíng 9” bǐ bīngqílín hǎo ;

translates to:
Good morning, China.
Now I have ice cream.
I like ice cream very much,
but "Fast and Furious 9" is better than ice cream
by AverageInternetUser81 November 8, 2021
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jong china: "good morning china, I'm having bing chilling."
by rxdmane August 19, 2021
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bing chilling is a Chinese word for "ice cream"
it is invented by Zhong Xina
He also invented the catchphrase of "You cant Xi me"
Bing chilling. I fucking love 🍦🥶Bing chilling🥶😎 - Zhong Xina (probably not a fan of google)
by woolf🦊 November 15, 2021
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A Traditional Chinese phrase which roughly translates as "ice cream".

As of 2021, the Western Emissary of China, Zhang Xi Na popularly redefined "bing chilling" to refer to situations that are "cool" or morally acceptable with the infamous Social Credit System of the CCP.
Person 1: I want to travel in the country of Taiwan.
Person 2: Dude, that is not a bing chilling moment. You are going to get -3 social credits for that.
by Decker The Goat October 28, 2021
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The state of being as chill as ice cream
I'm just bing chilling in yo crib
by (void*) January 2, 2022
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ice cream
bing chilling 💯😎😎😎
assbasher69: bing chilling 💯😎😎😎
wonkforphonk: bing chilling 💯😎😎😎
godrex777: bing chilling 💯😎😎😎
by assbasher69 June 21, 2022
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