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name of a very cute boy with the clonkiest head! the cutest goober in the world actually. he’s very kind and respectful and is so so sweet. sometimes he will try his best to parallel park and can be messy when eating chicky wings. he’s the absolute best and loves harry potter! he is without a doubt the most caring, attractive, cute, incredibly hot, funny, smart, most handsome goober in all the universe.
me: oh my god he’s so so cute whats his name???

goober: omg his name is rory!! he’s the best!!!
by Kpaulsweets May 19, 2020
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Noun; the gayest of the gay guys, the most stereotypical gay guy you have ever met in your life; the kind of gay guy to wear manties while catching up on RuPaul's Drag Race.
Kira: oh my GOD Look at that Bimmy and his cute lace manties!
Leonie: he's a literal bimmy
by Kpaulsweets March 16, 2016
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For those whom identify as a Boston Market Half Chicken.
Emily: Hey girl!
Me: Hey Emily! I actually identify as a BostonMarketHalfChickenGender. I would really appreciate it if you could use my pronouns! Rotissher/Rotisshers/Rotisshem!

Emily: Omg! Of course! Thank you for sharing!
by Kpaulsweets March 1, 2020
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