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This word is based on a character portrayed by a monkey in suspended trousers in the 1950s television show "Howdy Doody"; This monkeys' name is "Mr. Bim" in this series.
The human descript of Mr. Bim is a relation to the anatomical construct of a toy of "Mr. Brim" that features a hideous unovelesque grody plastic face and hairy apeish body like that of a real monkey. Brings us to the word "Bimmy"; A human with similar or exact anatomical features of an ape or monkey-e.g. exagerated limbs, hairy or "plushy" areas of the body, fake appearance as a "human" and a mind to hoard bananas.
The child at the Zoo pointed to the man staring at the lion, and said to his Mother; "Hey, look ma! that man is a Bimmy!", noting that the man staring at the lion sported a tank top shirt exposing a rather hideously, unusual patch of hair on his shoulders and back, and his knuckles were curled inwards laying on the ground beside him.
by d.e.m.o. November 3, 2011
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Someone who is lost but not wanting to be found; may be under the influence of alcohol or street drugs-that for the most part of their time, during the day and night, spend walking city streets of cities in random locations throughout the world using Google Map-particularly, the street level cam option.
Bob was my best friend, until he started spending more time traveling on his computer with Google Map as a Google Map Hobo. He would much rather be "somewhere" else wandering aimlessly in some foreign city, than with me getting drunk in the bar.
by d.e.m.o. October 11, 2014
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The refused piece of crap that usually takes a second or third flush to finally rid the toilet of this menacing tool!
I was finished taking a crap at a friends party, when another partygoer yelled out "Hey, someone left a stray-loot in the fucking toilet!"-I was sooo embarrased!
by d.e.m.o. November 3, 2011
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The autonomatic task of plucking hairs from your nostrils with your fingertips. Autonomatic is a derivitaion of a "no" word, meaning not a regular custom or tradition.
Ken was at the store quickplicking while waiting in line to pay for his groceries.
by d.e.m.o. November 4, 2011
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The scabs that occur from mass overheating of penis from masterbation. Unlike normal scabs that occur from cuts or lacerations on the body, Mascabulae differ from these in that they are formed of Humiscupalid corpi and spermelding of the blood tissue and foliculi skin erosion.
Yeltin Korkishink a famous man from his country of Ukraine, discovered Mascabulae in the year 1767 while on a very lonely trip to Fromme, Austria. He has never been away from his dearly beloved wife for any length of time such as this; He stated in a diary page, this: "It isn't my fault my wife, oh...my tender sorrow that bequeath the kneeling of thine breast...ooh such a loving unmerciful bounty such as this...ahhh!"-Korkishink.
by d.e.m.o. November 3, 2011
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When one mate in a marrital commitment is caught by a third party trying to remove their wedding ring in contemplating approaching someone with the intent of breaking the wedding vow. In short, the intention of cheating on the other spouse. The action of removing the ring is caught and approached by the prospect, and the return excuse by the married member is: "I was turning the stone up", referring to the embedded stone in the ring and positioning the ring to display the stone topside!
Bob was at the bar and was caught "turning the stone up" by a hot female he just met! She asked what he was doing when he was trying to remove his wedding ring on approach.
by d.e.m.o. November 9, 2011
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