The process of transforming into an airheaded slut, perfectly happy to be used and degraded.

A sexual fetish.
"His kink is bimbofication." "She likes to role play bimbofication fantasies."
by Faultliner September 21, 2015
the act of feminizing one’s self while participating in a typically male-dominant field. It is often done in a grandiose and overtly-feminine way to add stark contrast to typically male things
“Amy wears pink skirt-suits to her law lectures every day. She answers all of the toughest questions our professors have to offer. She’s definitely working on the bimbofication of her law school.”
by andioofandioof April 28, 2022
The process of typically a nice modest girl that turns into an air headed bimbo who typically acts skimpy and shows off a large amount of cleavage for attention.
Brittney’s acting dumb and slutty because she’s going through bimbofication.”
by Kiraxxy December 17, 2020
Anyone named Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, had a long and successful reign. The Empire he ruled from Prague expaned, and his subjects lived in peace and prosperity. When he died, the whole Empire mourned. More than 7,000 people accompanied him on his last procession. The heir to the throne of the flourishing Empire was Charles' son, Wenceslas IV, whose father had prepared him for this moment all his life. But Wenceslas did not take after his father. He neglected affairs of state for more frivolous pursuits. He even failed to turn up for his own coronation as Emperor, which did little to endear him to the Pope. Wenceslas "the Idle" did not impress the Imperial nobility either. His difficulties mounted until the nobles, exasperated by the inaction of their ruler, turned for help to his half-brother, King Sigismund of Hungary. Sigismund decided on a radical solution. He kidnapped the King to force him to abdicate, then took advantage of the ensuing disorder to gain greater power for himself. He invaded Bohemia with a massive army and began pillaging the territories of the King's allies.

It is here that my story begins...
Charles Henery IV King of Bohemia was acting so weird when he got back from vacation. He won't play Minecraft Hypixel Bed Wars with us at all. Sounds like he's gone through Bimbofication.
by Hypixel Bed Wars PRO August 1, 2019