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The process of transforming into an airheaded slut, perfectly happy to be used and degraded.

A sexual fetish.
"His kink is bimbofication." "She likes to role play bimbofication fantasies."
by Faultliner September 21, 2015
Unclaimed Baggage is about issues that are unresolved, problems with denial or not taking responsibility for negative behavior. As in someone who brings their personal baggage into a relationship.
Sure she’s hot but she comes with too much unclaimed baggage”
by Faultliner January 20, 2023
A Freightliner Cabover truck tractor. They are called that because of the flat front with a grill pattern over the radiator. Due to rising fuel prices cabover trucks are becoming rare, almost obsolete due to poor aerodynamics.
"That rookie is driving an old skillet face."
by Faultliner November 11, 2022
Someone who parks trailers. Usually at trucking companies and freight companies. They use a special tractor, designed to quickly move trailers in and out of docks more efficiently than a regular truck can. Also known as Hostlers, Yard Goats/Dogs/Trucks, Spotters, and curse words in many languages.
Ask the trailer jockey to find your reefer, driver.
by Faultliner June 13, 2019
Short for converter gear. A set of wheels, dolly or a bogie, that connects and supports two semi trailers (three in some states) as doubles or triples. The word people commonly use to describe big rigs, semi, actually means semi trailer. A semi trailer is supported by it's back wheels, with a truck tractor (the technical for a truck cab) a full trailer is supported by its own wheels, front and rear, being towed or connected to a truck cab. People misuse the word semi, thinking it describes a tractor trailer when in fact the semi is only a detachable cargo carrier, not connected to the power unit/tractor. That's why its called a semi trailer. A full trailer only needs to be pulled behind a vehicle, it supports itself. With two semi trailers they need a set of wheels between them, an axle for the back trailer. A con gear is an independent set of wheels, when detached, interchangeable if it needs repairs. A con gear can weigh as much as a car and sometimes needs to be moved or positioned by the driver.
To connect a set of doubles the driver needs a con gear.
by Faultliner June 13, 2019
Anger, or a negative attitude toward an ex lover.
"Her conversation contained a lot of hatefuckery about an ex." "It was a bad break-up with too much hatefuckery."
by Faultliner May 11, 2015