A vulgar and abusive language intended to condemn a person or action.
He was condemned for using prison billingsgate at the company meeting.
by LiteraryGeek March 17, 2007
coarsely abusive language
was once the name of an actual gate, located in London. It was the site of a fish-market, which took on this name in the 14th century. The market was famed for the vulgarity of the fishmongers’ speech, and so billingsgate came to be synonymous with abusive and coarse language.
by OKBUDDY March 20, 2019
What one says when confronted by a overpowering fishy smell.
or when you see a girl with her legs ajar.
(preferably both)^

Dirives from the big smelly fishmarket in london known as Billings-gate Market.
Damn that Samantha has SERIOUS billingsgate

boy: Billingsagate!!!
girl: Sorry il keep them closed next time :'(.
by Mooshooh May 13, 2011
Friend 1: Have you seen the new Sherlock TV show?
Friend 2: You mean the one with Billingsgate Sasquatch?
Friend 1: Yeah that one!
by Fugginballsnibba January 7, 2020
euph; anything that is large, greasy, covered in hair and reeks of fish.
when little miss muffet showed me her tuffet, i didn't expect it to be the billingsgate sasquatch.
by Max Biggins April 20, 2006