A program where you can watch Phat Americans (underweight compared to the USA average) engage in physical exercise. These people are 'helped' to lose weight but really they gain nothing and its just a show where you can laugh at fat people trying to run.
You know when you were in school and theres that obese kid everyone laps and is sweating at the end even though he didn't run any of it. Well its adults doing that.
Some guy passed out while walking on a episode of Biggest Loser. Thats really helping them lose weight showing that on fucking national TV.
by OrnluTheWolfIsAWolf January 4, 2012
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Biggest Loser is a tv show that helps a bunch of fat people lose weight, yet they eliminate one person each week. All it is is another reality tv show.
"Are you watching the Biggest Loser tonight?"
"No, why should I give a shit about fat people?"
by SpasticPancreas February 13, 2008
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An aptly named show that parades around fat people who cry alot. This show, like most reality TV, pre-selects its contestants to be emotionally fragile people who will inspire sympathy in its viewers. Unlike most reality shows, The Biggest Loser awards people for doing things they should have done their whole life. The show offers contestants a chance to get immunity from elemination which almost always invloves having to eat large portions of unhealthy food, thus making the objective of losing weight redundant. Anyone who feels sorry for the contestants should be stabbed in the torso.
Non Fan: I've never seen The Biggest Loser before, is the winner the one who looses the most weight?
Fan: Nah, its the loser who cries and degrades themselves the most.
by Peter Reynes April 13, 2007
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a sports fan who gives up his/her season tickets the same year the team wins a championship. The reason for giving up the season tickets is either a) the team has had too many disappointing seasons or b) the person is just being cheap

NOTE: This person should never be allowed to purchase season tickets ever again, banned from all future sporting events of this team, and never again be able to call themselves a "fan"
Billy said he was the biggest Giants fan in San Francsico, but The Biggest Loser gave up his season tickets last year when they won the World Series!
by Estimated Prophet August 18, 2011
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A redundant, pointless achievement or milestone. Primarily a first of something. Made popular by the TV series The Biggest Loser in which every possible event is glorified with it's apparent historical potential.
Bill: Dude you've been playing 360 all day.
Ted: Indeed. FYI. It's the first time anyone on campus has played it for 12 hours straight without going to the bathroom once while wearing red socks.
Bill: Sounds like you might just make biggest loser history!
Ted: I just might!
by Rooks December 12, 2007
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