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an important person, a president etc., VIP, someone who know what time it is, a leader of a group
Barry is a big wig in Gulf Oil - a vice president or something.
by VAKI5 May 09, 2005
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Someone who is very important, powerful, and influential -a president, for example-
At the Grammy awards the other week, an unusual note was struck by Michael Greene, a record industry bigwig.
by mrtt May 29, 2006
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Adj. Abr. Used to describe a big wigger.
see wigger
Not only is this person a wigger, they are a big wigger.
"Look at Carmine he's such a big wig listening to Marshall Mathers and shit"

A: He's such a white dude trying to be african american.
B: You mean a wigger?
C: No way that douche is a big wig!
by Mark + Assley + Scott January 07, 2006
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