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In moments of extreme anger some people begin to say "don't", but mid-word they change their minds to say "do not", so it is a combination of both words.
This of course makes the recipient of the comment makes them snicker thus angering the 1st party even more.
How many times do I have to tell you, donot do that!
by WillowQueen December 03, 2010
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by James Messina August 11, 2006
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The simplest if words who still doesn't have a definition yet.
Simply what you say when you don't want someone to do something.
The abbreviated version is "Don't".
Person 1: I want to have babies!
Person 2: Do not. You're only 15.
Person 1: I want to have se...
Person 2: Do not.
Person 1: I want to talk about se...
Person 2: Do not. Your penis is not what you joke with.
Person 1: I want to swe...
Person 2: Do not.
Person 1: I want to beat up my cushion!
Person 2: Do not. The cushion can break.
Person 1: What can I do then?
Person 2: Anything good.
Person 1: Other than homework and revision?
Person 2: Nothing.
Person 1 proceeds to jump off the apartment.
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by someone out there who is bored February 05, 2021
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