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big lug
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edit Englishedit EtymologyEmphatic form of lug (“large man”).

edit Nounbig lug (plural big lugs)

1.(colloquial) A term of affection and endearment describing a man whose personality traits reflect the opposite of his overall broad physique. For example, a man may be tall, physically built but isn't afraid to express his overall feelings and emotions. In other words, a big lug is a man that acts the opposite of what his overall image reflects, or acts against the stereotypical image of the tough guy.
Big bad John gave his wife flowers. The big lug.
by kentucky steemer February 14, 2012
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A fish, typically large, that is caught and used to take pictures with. Pictures consist of hats backwards, straight face, and the handler holding the fish out in front of them in a stiff stance.
When we fish, we get big lugs only.
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