A person that has a crush on Thanos and wants him to snap his fingers up his ass and get real dusty.
Doctor Strange: Omg you see peter parker over there, he's having happy fun time with thanos.
Iron Man: Yea the kid's a big ol' gay
by Minecraft_Tuber_Kid January 4, 2019
A slang term for large breasts. Commonly used when referring to a female from Canada.
Justin : "Hey Krystin, let's seem them boobies!"
Krystin : "You mean my big ol' maples?"
by Justin Bizzle February 9, 2009
Big ole boy is a descriptive term of endearment to politely describe a man who lives in the south who is either obese, morbidly obese, or bed ridden with obesity but has made no changes in his lifestyle choice to slow the rate at which he is becoming more obese because his own self image issues have caused him to believe that he is actually a total hardcore bad ass. Although slightly intimidating from an appearance standpoint, big ole boys are only hazardous from a physical standpoint for 7 to 10 seconds do to the lack of cardio fitness, and typically can be distracted by a double cheese burger. Big ole boys can be misleading because , even while powering through their 2nd double order of deep fried sadness, they will describe how bad ass they are and who's ass they were just about to kick, but in reality are going to kick no ass. East TX has one of the highest populations of big ole boys in the world as most big ole boys work for fracking companies and drilling companies either directly or indirectly.
by stone definition August 20, 2014
When the titties are just too plump and big to handle, these are known as big ol titties. These are the perfect titties for motorboating
Person 1- Damn!! that girl over there has some really 'big ol titties!! '

Person 2- Yeah!! I'd love to motorboat them!!
by Bigwillywonka69 January 6, 2016
when a woman has a huge butt
dude 1: dang she has a big ole booty ima have to tap that
dude 2: oooo you right
person 1: wow! steve harvey's nudes leaked! he has a big ol' peen
person 2: mines bigger ew
by big ol' peen boy March 13, 2017