Huge dosage of marijuana, usually done in Amish country
Person 1: out here in Amish smoking a big ol doink In Amish

Person 2: jeebie weebies!

Person 1: gang
by Big boy 300p April 9, 2018
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A person that has a crush on Thanos and wants him to snap his fingers up his ass and get real dusty.
Doctor Strange: Omg you see peter parker over there, he's having happy fun time with thanos.
Iron Man: Yea the kid's a big ol' gay
by Minecraft_Tuber_Kid January 4, 2019
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A slang term for large breasts. Commonly used when referring to a female from Canada.
Justin : "Hey Krystin, let's seem them boobies!"
Krystin : "You mean my big ol' maples?"
by Justin Bizzle February 9, 2009
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When the titties are just too plump and big to handle, these are known as big ol titties. These are the perfect titties for motorboating
Person 1- Damn!! that girl over there has some really 'big ol titties!! '

Person 2- Yeah!! I'd love to motorboat them!!
by Bigwillywonka69 January 6, 2016
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person 1: wow! steve harvey's nudes leaked! he has a big ol' peen
person 2: mines bigger ew
by big ol' peen boy March 13, 2017
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Used when describing a female's large breasts.
Man, she got some big ole titties, n' you know I love those big ole titties.
by The Searle delusion November 16, 2007
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