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A: A gorgeous, nice girl that loves to have fun.
B: Someone that is nice to most people, but if she doesn't like them she can be a down right bitch.
A: Wow. Look at her. She's such a Krystin. :)
B: Yeah, she's my Best Friend, but you wouldn't want to be on her bad side because then she is such a Krystin.
by Skittles. October 12, 2008
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A girl with the ability to turn a gay man straight in 0.89 seconds with her sheer sexiness. She also has the ability to levitate and get naked in 2.41 seconds.
I dropped my book in a tree but Krystin used her levitation powers to get it for me. Shes so awesome.
by im pretty tired... ill go home November 04, 2010
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The Most Love-able, Caring drop dead gorgeous girl in the planet. All the Lesbians, gays, straight homo-sexual people think that a Krystin is the most elegant girl. She can be a nice innocent girl who loves her friends. And all the guys wish they had a Krystin. But when it comes to enemies she can be a bitch, she will always find a way to humiliate your life if u make a wrong impression on her. She is always there for her friends. Some say that her smile can take your breath away. She is like a flower who shines out everyone else. A very sexy yet a young pretty girl that anyone would die to be.
OMG, did you just see Krystin?!!, she said hi to me and i thought i was gunna pass out, her beauty is so striking!!
by Jade Babie July 06, 2011
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a crazy ass bitch from collingslakes, now resides in hammonton, who takes it in the ass. and whos high lights are never done, has really greasy hair, and never smiles and sounds like a man. She happens to be crazy, psychotic, and a skanky smeagle(aka dirty fucking slut)
"I have to go get my hair done, because I do not want to look like a krystin."

Yo we should of picked up that krystin on the corner in Camden.
by krystin pagano July 10, 2008
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