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One of the few people with common sense.They realize that being 15 and sounding like a girl isn't 'cool'.
bieber fan: Omg! Justin bieber came out with a new song!! I would totally do him!he is so hot!

bieber hater:You do know he hasn't hit puberty?So he wouldn't want you,let alone KNOW what to do with you.Plus he's gay.
by awesome101101 August 10, 2010
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Something Beliebers call people who don't unhesitatingly praise Justin Bieber.

Beliebers (on Youtube at least) tend to label Bieber-haters as "jealous"*, which shows that it is not the same thing as a "hater" - which is a person who dislikes someone because of that person's success.
Instead, in order to be called a Bieber-hater all you have to do is say that you are not sold on Justin Bieber.

Bieber's real haters sometimes call him "Justin Beaver" due to the shape of his front teeth and his old hairdo.
*I have been called a jealous Bieber-hater myself.
by startrek-person no. 1 August 19, 2011
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a bieber hater is a person who is extremly jelous of justin bieber.since they have no life they spend all day looking up justin bieber videos and writing stupid ass commets about him.they usally call him a talentless fag and hope he dies which is completly stupid.bieber haters are really ignorante so theres really nothing you can say to make them open they eyes and see that he is one of the best things that ever happend in music history.a bieber hater is basicly a homo fag who needs to get a life and leave justin alone!
bieber fan 1:OMG last nite i went to justin biebers concert!it was amazing!!!

bieber fan 2:no way i heard it was one of his best!

bieber hater:will you stop whinning over that taletless fag already.when will he die

fox 8 news reporter:this just in.a "bieber hater" was found dead today.he was found choked to death

*bieber fans cheering in the background*
by 06jblover August 07, 2010
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