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Much like ripcording, during sex anal beads are fully inserted into the rectum of the receiving partner. Once they are all inside, stand to the side, and pull them out at full force whilst shouting "LET IT RIP!". Then demand her bit beast.
"I was beyblading my girlfriend last night so hard the suction caused the contents of her plumbing to fly out and hit the wall and now I need to buy paint."
by leylandski October 23, 2013
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A handjob technique that has you grabbing the base of the penis and pull back really fast like you would a beyblade.

In other words you "grip it and rip it". You continue doing so until either the partner ejaculates all over your face or his penis gets ripped off.
" Awww man I'm feeling pretty sore because my girlfriend was beyblading me last night" said random douche
by TheFattestofallfucks75 December 17, 2016
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