1.Slang for boob
2.see also bewbies knockers love pillows nipples
1. Look at those BEWBs!!
2. let me feel your bewbs
by Beefarino44 July 20, 2005
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a ginger kid boi who iz OBESE

Zara: Hey Chloe look at that bewb ova there!
by Chloe Boyd April 28, 2008
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Stands for "blue-eyed white guys."
Kird: Did you know that B is into bewbs?

Swimmy: Really? I didn't know she rolled that way.

Kird: No, not boobs. BEWBS.
by Dr. Oataract August 14, 2014
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A butchery of the word "boobs." Means "breasts."
OMG! Shirlie has teh bewbs!!!!
by Burkshifter February 12, 2005
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Nica is the best BEWB, she shreds every bowl and skatepark everywhere she goes, I want to be her when I grow up!!
by 1ts0ver9000 October 1, 2021
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