The girlfriend of Howard Stern that only wants Howard Stern BECAUSE he is Howard Stern. She is an "okay" looking girl with a killer body but a looooong face. She would NEVER be noticed as a Model unless she was dating Howard Stern. She'd just be "some decent looking 2 bit ho"
Hey---Theres Howard Stern's girlfriend....uh....what's her name??? Oh---yeah.....Beth O. As in "Oh how lucky I am to be dating Howard Stern"
by Andi February 09, 2005
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Horse-faced bitch with a long face and a golden shovel. She uses the shovel to dig for gold in her Jewish-boyfriend's giant nose.
Beth O was pulling a cart in Central Park before she met her new man.
by Sal Governale January 30, 2008
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The inevitable outburst of common sense and brutal honesty that results when intelligence has been pushed beyond tolerence by wholly gratuitous stupidity. A variation of going postal or flaming, except through verbal or text medium and without actual violence. The primary quality is the forthright and unvarnished presentation of reality to the offending party, with the intent to educate as well as excoriate.
He went bethos on her passive-aggressive, Mary Sue ass.
by holyspigot December 15, 2005
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A person named Beth (or Bethany) who prefers to be called by this nickname. Somebody named 'Betho' usually feels affection towards smaller males, and dreams of what could happen during intercourse with this person.
It was a lovely winter morning, and Betho was dreaming alone.
by h.pritchard November 21, 2010
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