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bestfriendship is something that you and your go to gal(s)/guy(s) and you can tell them anything. it is like somthing that you cannot do with just any friends...only your best friends{notice the word"bestfriendship}
OMG! Sam and Mallory have a very strong bestfriendship; they are like sisters!
by Samzyboo December 25, 2008
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The strong relationship between you and your Bestfriend
Tim and Nicole are in a serious Bestfriendship, they’ve been close since 1st grade.
by TheKhidd October 01, 2017
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The word for friendship, but for those special friends you can't live without.
We celebrated our best friendship with strawberry and vanilla swirl ice-cream.
by HalfwayToTheStars September 08, 2015
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It refers to the strongest bond that could be formed between two people i.e when two people connect with their souls. It is the rarest form of friendship.
by anepal<33 November 19, 2019
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