short form of blackberry a fruit.
also a berry is a nicer name for a freak or a person that you are unable to put a label on. a person who dresses like a goth, emo, punk rocker
wooo look its a berry
by Blackberry June 29, 2006
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shortened term for strawberry.
"Didn't even see a berry flashin those high beams" - ice cube, today was a good day

High beams are hardened nipples on a females breast.
by pooh April 07, 2005
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A greeting, a way to agree that something is bad, or a way to describe something.
Luke: Joanne Harvey is pregnant.
Jack: Berry bad.
Luke: Berry.
by Luke Cook July 28, 2008
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A known alliance in the browser game Travian:Legends.

Berry is known to be the best alliance that the game has ever seen, and therefor the word Berry has turned into a compliment.
Yo! You’re so good, you should become a Berry!
I heard that Berry is recruiting, it would be sick to join the best of the best!
A play like that deserves to be a part of Berry.
by Travian Player March 25, 2020
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Berry is the goat. If ur friends with Berry you should pray to him like he is ur god because he probably is. If necessary he can and will sleep anyone that breathes his air on the drop of a dime. He also a legend and the best football to breathe oxygen and no one can top him. He’s also heterosexual.
Dang man, if I worked harder I could be like Berry.
by Youngshlonggod July 21, 2020
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Berry is the most terrifying being you could conceive. Look away for a millisecond and your teeth will be gone. He has very outrageous political beliefs, but it's best to comply or else his excessive arguing will put you to sleep. Simply stated, Berry is not for the light of heart.
"Ugh, Berry! Why are you eating paper again?"
Berry: "Big bruh teeth."
by strangeasangels May 21, 2019
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