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the epitome of beauty, when something is so gorgeous it becomes unreal, can also be used for someone with large breasts or a curvaceous body like that of a Goddess
that new chick is hot... but she aint no benish
by hunter101 February 09, 2010
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is a beautiful girl also giantly tall everyone loves her she has a best friend named izzy benish is such a great friend and so honost and clueless she is not so smart in math but is super cool always says like!!! alot (: and cute to boys
(boy1) ohhhhhhhh damn she so fine that benish

(boy2) i know dude like why u crushing on my gurl
(boy1) dude shes not yos yet
(boy2) she will be (: hahahahhahaha lol !!!! u just got burned

(boy1) shutup dude shes not interested and yes im speaking for her you gotta problem
(boy2) ya!
(boy1) what!?????
(boy2) ur an idiot dude!
by by someone January 10, 2013
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1) Nicknames given to children of those who's names start with Ben...

2) Small leprechaun/hobbit creature that exists to give bizzare advice. Has stubby fingers and toes, often needs a hair cut and seeks to live in hobbit hole in ireland or middle earth.

3) Form of sticky slime related to the spoof film Bentrix
1) "Hey Benish...are you coming to the cinema with us?"

2) "'re so like a Benjaminimum....god, i wish you just leave your benish behaviour at home"
"Hey! it's benish! hello benish....welcome to another boring science lesson benish!"

3) "What's along the walls and ceiling?" - "that my friend, is Benish, a sticky slime that will turn you into a statue if you yell at it"
by Ben Waugh August 10, 2004
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Small man creature with troll like hair, smelly feet and grey/blue eyes. Will often wear green waistcoats, carry pocket watches and wander arond forests - collecting feathers and singing loudly.
"What a benish he was! wandering the forest!"
"He's got enough feathers to be a benish!"
"hmm...he looks like a benish, but he'll do!"
by Patric O'toole August 11, 2004
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Being "benned" is when someone is totally f**ked and unable to conrol themself. either being a mix of Drink, Grass, Pills. you are said to be "BENISH"
" Lets ditch Ben hes total "benish" "

Oh ya f***r I feel benned "
by Stevie landlod October 20, 2007
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