A person that goes to great lengths and long painstaking hours to find that one thing that has alluded them for generations. Abandoning love, friendships, career, food, hygiene, and manners in order to make a way out of no way. Embracing the many hours of torture and ridiculous stares that come from the pursuit of the authentic, beautiful, and perfect Badonkadonk. From the German verb Heffen which means "to search for booty".
I mean really, staying at it in the mirror, isn't going to make it any bigger. I like her, but I wish she would just stop being such a Heffner.
by StirringUpTrouble January 20, 2015
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slang for kinky sex kitten; often a person who contains many fetishes and likes to be beaten, abused, ordered around, and then complimented at the end of the day. crazy hot sex goddess kali stoner

word used to describe something erotic and new that a person has recently experienced in bed.
I was just with a Heffner. Best experience of my life!
by bear2011 January 12, 2011
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a ladies man to have all the woman
im a heffner baby;got all the gurls
by tc rider April 1, 2007
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Another word for a Bitch, and not the female dog meaning. A bloody awful teacher, who has no feelings whatsoever, and actually has sucked the devils bright red dick on numerous occasions.
Dude i got a bloody nose in english, and my teacher wouldn't even let me use tissues on the desk, claiming they were hers. I had to punish my nose with paper towels

Lemme guess, mrs. heffner?

yeahhhhh that bitch
by gah nms sucks April 2, 2009
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A cool guy that lives in bend oregon, Juggalo, redneck, friend
Allen Heffner cares for others and accepts everyone for who they are
by rowdyboy14 February 5, 2010
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Heather Heffner is one of a kind, thats for sure. She's the kind of gal that gets triggered at the smallest of mistakes. Another word for her would be Karen, but using such a word in her presence would make her force you to do 569 squat jumps around the track while you watch your other friends sneak away to get free Great Harvest samples and steal shopping carts off the road. She has been gifted as one of the most passive aggresive people on planet Earth and keeps a beating stick with her at all times. She can sometimes be a total control freak. She's the kind of lady that takes 10% coffee beans and 90% the dirt it was grown in. Her coffee is sacred and should never be drop kicked. Ever. Overall Heather Heffner is an intersting person if you get to know her.
Dude quit acting like a heather heffner, it's freaking me out.
by Definitely not a Hawk January 20, 2022
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