A strict grading, hard bargained, beer-bellied, red-faced alcoholic that enjoys masturbating with their bent leg while they are trapped in a 70's themed station wagon reciting war stories that they weren't in. All while they are thinking about U.S. history.
Damn. That guy is a real Bender.
by CockThunder November 06, 2014
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when you get mind blowingly drunk for a period of three or more days.
Dude, i went on this 6 day bender after we lost the race.
by Emily Anne May 18, 2005
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A hockey player who has no skating skills and bends his ankles when he skates, also used to describe a hockey player who is an awful player in general
WOW that kid Jantard is such a bender, look at how he skates! It would be no surprise if he taped his ankles.
by Danknuggett August 02, 2008
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Term that is generally used by hockey players. Most commonly used chirp to date. Used to describe a multitude of players who have no skill what so ever or the boys just arnt down to call them their own. The boys can tell right away when someone is a bender, wether it be on the ice or in the locker room. Great term to add to ones list of chirps.
Check out Tommy over there, just bendin it up.

Man, Drew just needs to give it up, he's such a bender.

Get those bricks movin bend show.

Sick fish bowl bender.
by isu14 June 14, 2010
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A hockey player that sucks because his skates aren't tight enough so they bend inward. Can be generally applied, with some exceptions, to any high school player outside of Minnesota and those from a decent number of schools in Michigan and Massachusetts.

Also, the player will think he is really cool for playing hockey, even though he just wasn't good enough for the basketball team and now has to play "home" games in front of parents and a nonexistent student section in an arena 10 miles from home.
I just saw this high school hockey game in Ohio. They sucked at everything so they decided to start a huge fight. But it wasn't that great because the kids were all benders and thought they were cool for wearing Nike Bauer vapor XX skates and gloves.
by wolverinefan1 March 14, 2009
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