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1. A white nigga that likes to rape people with plastic pikachu dolls. Usually you can find such a man at a manga store looking for pikachu dolls. And after all of that looking at manga he starts to read it leading to him watching anine. Usually his favorite is Boku no Pico.

2.Also a Bende can be related to a hypocrit crossant muncher likes to say sugoii while watching you eat his crossant(if you know what i mean). Jerks of to egg mayonaise and peanut butter flavoured oysters.

3.An islamic snake who delites in the pillaging of childrens innocence and also likes shoving tubes in hobos butts and likes to be called Organ Freeman.
A: Wow that guy is so handsome i want to fuck him.
B: Yes i want to too, i heard he is a Bende.
C: (Bende stares intencively) i shall rape you with my pikachu doll come here you little twat.
by WhiteCrnec October 15, 2015
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