ben lee: 15 notes a second
ling ling: but do you practice 40 hours a day?
by interesting prodigy March 28, 2019
An apparently talentless musical "artist" who appeals to a shallow, tone-deaf and commercially-brainwashed audience.

Lee is Jewish and was educated in a private school in Sydney's snobby Eastern suburbs. Yet he passes himself of as indy/alternative and sings in a distinctly American accent. Evidently Ben Lee suffers from some sort of identity crisis.

If you have ever wondered what a song that has been pencilled in under 5 minutes sounds like, go and buy a Ben Lee album. After a short time of listening you will soon realise that what you actually just bought was nothing more than an overpriced beer coaster.

Was recently sconned in the head with a beer bottle thrown by a disgruntled Perth concert-goer. I guess it shows that the public can only endure so much of this rubbish and are finally starting to fight back.

Person A: "Dude, if you don't like Ben Lee's music, then don't listen to it."

Person B: "The only way I can AVOID hearing it is by flying to the moon and hiding in a cupboard".

by triggaz November 2, 2007
Ben Lee is an Australian singer who is a complete pain in the arse.

The Beastie Boys made the mistake of telling him a few years ago that he had some talent. He then came straight out and declared himself the best singer-songwriter of Australia's past, present and future (without actually having really done anything).

Ben Lee apologists will tell you that this remark was taken out of context, or blame it on the naivety of youth. Unfortunately this arrogance continues to pervade his work - you only need to read an interview of his.

The worst thing that sucks about this guy is the image he tries to portray, as this thoughtful, arty, indie, uber-alternative sort of musician. You will find him posing for photos or album covers with the same quizzical wide-eyed blank stare.

Exactly the same thing happens with his music. Just before his last album was released he was running around telling everyone who'd listen that he was taking us on a magical journey, that this was the result of all of his song-writing experience, and he was so happy with what he was doing.

The end result is the most mainstream, disposable pop you could ever imagine. If it was made by somebody else you would think it was probably OK, but when you're expecting the next Paul Simon it's a bad joke. His lyrics are simple, childish and repetitive (see "Gamble Everything for Love") and even a marginally acceptable song like "Catch My Disease" is ruined by his thin, reedy, high-pitched voice.

While I know you can't do too much about how you look, his gigantic ears and stupid Frodo-like hair are laughable and nauseating at the same time. I suspect he plays up on this to further enhance the "arty" image. When people knock his music he blames the fact that most Australians don't like nerdy looking guys, and he cracked the shits and went to the US and was briefly with Claire Danes (the celebrity missus...SOOOO alternative!)

I don't know how popular he is in the US or UK but if you come to Australia and meet one of his fans or hear his music, don't be sucked in. Ignore the inevitable stacks of thumbs-down this will attract because unfortunately the 14 year old girls who think he's fantastic will spew when they hear the truth.

Ben Lee, along with guys like Rob Thomas and James Blunt, is the reason mainstream pop sucks as much arse as it does these days.

Ben Lee is a conceited fraudster who needs to be put in the meat grinder.
The opening line of the Ben Lee song "Catch My Disease" goes "My head is a box filled with nothing". You've got it right there, Ben.
by Choda Boy 57 August 14, 2006
Ben Lee is the ultimate example of a sad little pop star who starts to believe their own myth. His music isn't very good, but it's not horrible either. It's just more of the same lame drivel that is pushed out of the pop music sphincter on a daily basis. His music is like a bowl of vanilla ice cream and coconut sprinkles served with a glass of warm milk. Bland, repetative, and truly uninteresting.

When you first see him in an interview, he's got this semi-likeable goofyness about him. However, it only takes a few minutes for that contrived juvenility to really make you want to punch him in the grill. Again, it isn't because his music is totally wretched, it's because he acts like his music is so incredibly deep and insightful, and the only people who don't like it are people who don't like it *yet*.

Get over yourself Ben Lee. Your music and lyrics are childish and aimless. You recycle the same old crap that has been pop music for the last 20 years, spit-shine it, and try to pass it off as this amazing new social awakening. What's even worse is that you try to pass it off as being your own - something that only you could have created.

Enjoy your blip on the radar screen, then take whatever money you make and go get a life you silly little bitch.
Ben Lee needs to go away. Soon!
by Ed Janickey August 24, 2006
a bloke with a extra-large chin
There's a guy with a ben lees
by Frenchie McStabby December 19, 2015
A most wonderful Australian Indie singer of songs such as "Gamble Everything For Love" and "Catch My Disease" (the most catchy song ever.)
I met Ben Lee at the free concert that he played with Ben Folds on Hollywood and Highland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Caught Your Disease September 11, 2005
A catchy pop singer. His music is fun, and is actually original.

And that's the way he likes it.
Ben Lee has the most awesome hair ever. Sometimes his songs get a little too happy, but most of the time they're really fun.
by Bluth Company May 16, 2008